Stefan Roigk – Up.Rising LP



Tochnit Aleph (TA076) 2007
Edition of 130 numbered copies
One-sided LP

A1 – Walkman (Revised)
The original track was composed as part of the same titled soundsculpture

A2 – Bilder meiner Ausstellung
Originally composed as part of the unfinished sound installation up8.
Eight ephemeral draft-fragments for interventions and installations taking place in an imaginary museum builded of existing art spaces. In parts.
0:00-1:37. journey through the lobby.
1:37-2:49. imaginary lampshakes.
2:49-4:24. invocation of my bearing other.
4:24-5:56. untitled jet.
5:56-7:15. homage to celle.
7:15-8:30. the unasked answer.
8:30-11:31. walking through the white room (edit).

Arranged and mixed between 2004 and 2007
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D+M, Berlin