Claus Böhmler – Live at the Lightbulb CD



A radiotape concert. Dankerrt, Hamburg 1981. With Holger Hiller, Walter Thielsch & Gaste. “Claus Bohmler works with the media. Since they seem to function so well, he takes them apart, examines them, and then, perhaps, assembles them anew. This process doesn’t create chic elements for the living rooms of the communication-theorists, the sociologists, or the simulation-apocalyptic, but rather the same sort of rudimentary raw material as found in notebooks, drawings, miniature cameras, radios, photostats, and cassettes. It’s these poor media that open eyes and ears. Not bound to a cultural-bureaucratic administrative machinery, they stand their ground by presenting an opulence of idea-productions that fragmentate, ferment, combine, and experiment, because ‘according to Bohmler, every substance is good for thinking’ — K. Gallwitz.“


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