Florian Dombois – Angeschlagene Moderne (Struck Modernism) Book+7“



98 pages
23 illustrations
190 x 230 mm
Hardcover linnen in slipcase
incl. 7” vinyl record
German / English

Struck Modernism is a project by the artist Florian Dombois, in which he strikes sculptures with a hammer and records their distinctive sounds with a contact microphone. These sounds are then combined to form a clock and re-used in a sound installation. The aural qualities of 23 sculptures from the collection of the Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich are presented in the publication. It is supplemented with an essay by composer Isabel Mundry and an interview between Dombois and Sabine Schaschl, director of the museum, as well as a 7″ vinyl record of the sound installation. Dombois focusses on models, landforms, labilities, seismic activity, tectonic activity, technical and scientific fictions. He works with their various representational and media formats – especially sound.