Gretchen Faust – Wall Tattoos 1987-1990 CD



“Wall tattoos are phrases pricked into the wall with a template, hammer and ice pick. The process is manual, each hole is tapped in at ¼ in. intervals resulting in subtle visual scarring. This CD documents the installation of two of the five wall tattoos which were installed as part of a show at Pat Hearn Gallery in Sept. 1990.”

“What a long, strange trip it’s been for Gretchen Faust (b. 1961). In New York during the early 1990s, she became known for daintily incising textual fragments of art history lectures into gallery walls with the tip of an ice-pick, while also working as a critic and acupuncturist. After her gallerist, Pat Hearn, died and Faust herself suffered serious illness, she travelled to India, focused on yoga and meditation, and wound up in Totnes, Devon, where she is now a highly regarded yoga instructor. (…)“