Hartmut Geerken – Kein roter Faa, … CD (signed by Geerken, Rühm, Lax, etc)



Signed by Hartmut Geerken, Robert Lax, Gerhard Rühm, John Tchicai, Andrej Monastyrskij, and Christian Prigent.

Kein roter Faa, denn die Worte sind niemals gefallen
A voice play written by Hartmut Geerken

Performed by Robert Lax (USA), Gerhard Rühm (Austria), John Tchicai (Denmark), Andrey Monastyrski (Russia), Christian Prigent (France), Grace Yoon (Korea).

Produced by Bavarian Broadcasting Service, Munich, 1990.

Packaged in a jewelcase including a 20-page booklet with German liner notes, short biographies of the participants, and some photos. Number and signature on the second page of the booklet.


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