John Cage – Credo in us CD



Ten years after their first highly estimated Cage CD “Works for Percussion” (WER 62032), Quatuor H?lios are presenting a second one with works by the inventor of the prepared piano. In the wake of this process comes the series of the five “Imaginary Landscapes”. “Credo in US” is another heroic work, particularly in the ambiguity of its title: is Cage patriotically referring to the United States, or is he simply humanistically proving allegiance to the first person plural? And then again, doesn’t this Credo relate to the 1937 manifesto whose title it reflects? Collages, layerings and overlaps clash with omnipresent wild and scattered piano bits, strewn with explosions and streaked with silences that are in themselves aggressive. In “Inlets”, the performers do offer Nature what we could call a choice gift: letting it do the composing … The crackling fire or the water gurgling in the conches redefine music! Quatuor H?lios has always been open to collaboration with composers in order to develop new contemporary percussion languages, often associating “classical” instruments, new technologies and musical theater.

Including the pieces: “Credo in US”, “Imaginary Landscape No. I”, “Inlets”, “Imaginary Landscape No. 3”, and “But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper Which He Used to Do in Order to Paint the Series of ‘Papiers froissés’ or Tearing Up Paper to Make ‘Papiers déchirés’ Arp Was Stimulated by Water (Sea, Lake and Flowing Waters Like Rivers), Forests”