John Cage – Rolywholyover. A Circus. Prints Box



“The box contain an exceptionally wide range of [unbound] materials, printed in different formats, often on translucent paper, which can be read in any order. The publication accompanies a major exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, conceived of by Cage as a ‘composition for museum.”

“The box includes reprints of texts that Cage found useful and inspiring, as well as important new essays. Also included are writings and letters by Cage, reproductions of works by Cage and others, musical scores, recipes, advice on healthy eating, and photographs”–Sheet with contents information.

Published in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Sept. 12-Nov. 28, 1993, New Museum of Contemporary Art, and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, May 21-July 30, 1995. Includes bibliographical references.