Michael Pollard – Piano Sonata LP



Edition of 100 numbered copies.

Sonically somewhere between Piano Destruction sound and Dieter Roth plays Dubuffet.

“This is a record which was recorded after a conversation I had with Mike Pollard, which I think was basically about ways to avoid over-dependence on sonic or generic convention, or to communicate more precisely, but it was a long time ago and we had been drinking. He processes particular sounds which I think hold a sort of personal totemic power because of their origin in or connection to friends or other socially potent forces through a previously determined set of abstracting transformations, releasing the recorded result. This confluence of materials of diverse origin with a rigid net of process appears through the record as something like a singular thing, both starkly visible and enigmatic, albeit one available in a certain quantity. I think of how an event or a relation can be related as or translated into a physical object, and how the physicality of an object can be related to an originating impulse, as well as what it means to live with the realization of ones own ideas through action. – Jonathan Gean, August 25, 2016”