Philip Corner – The Judson Years 3CD (signed)



New 3CD Set compiling the Judson Years trilogy
Edition of 200 copies, signed & numbered by Philip Corner

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Philip Corner. For more than half a century he has been a cornerstone of the American musical avant-garde. Once a student of Otto Leuning, Henry Cowell, Olivier Messiaen, and Dorothy Taubman. A founding member of Fluxus, Corner made waves fast, creating a body of singular work, both on his own and within ensembles like Gamelan Son of Lion and Tone Roads, founded with Malcolm Goldstein and James Tenney, which has cut its way across the decades.

Among Corner’s most fascinating works are those created between 1962 and 1964, during the period when he was resident composer at the Judson Dance Theatre, one the great occurrences in the emergence of avant-garde dance, movement, Happenings, and performance art. Even today, it stands among the most important examples of collaborate create exchange in the history the American arts.

Alga Marghen present a three-CD box issued on the occasion of the exhibition devoted to the Judson Church at MOMA in New York this year. First issued as 3 separate CDs in early 2000s and out of print since many years, this signed and numbered edition presents for the first time in a single publication much of the work created during these important years in Corner’s career.

Alga Marghen’s triple box gathers “On Tape From the Judson Years”, “More from The Judson Years Volume 1” and “More from The Judson Years Volume 2”, bringing you to heart of Philip Corner’s brilliant practice and mind. Across the first disc Corner’s tape works done for new-dance-super-stars Lucinda Childs, Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown as well as The Living Theatre – most complex textures and extreme sonority coming to life. The second disc is of an entirely different sort, featuring works created with a great many of Corner’s closest collaborators and friends. Recorded at Judson, 1965, the disc features a knock-out cast of Ayo, David Behrman, Philip Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, Dick Higgins, Joe Jones, Alison Knowles, Jackson Mac Low, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Chieko Shiomi, and more. The third disc takes the ear further afield, with “Everything Max Has” (1964), a performance of Max Neuhaus solo recorded at the ONCE Festival (1965), captures the composer and percussionist taking down an overwhelming amount of equipment. It also includes “Big Trombone” (1963), with Jim Fulkerson improvising over tape collage, “Homage to Revere” (1962) a work for an ensemble of copper-bottom kitchen utensils, and “Punkt” (1961) for an ensemble of staccato sounds, and a number of other astounding works from the era.

As a totality, Alga Marghen’s three-CD set of Corner’s years spent at the Judson Theatre, are a mind-boggling entry into an overwhelmingly exciting moment in time.


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