Rolf Langebartels – Skulpturen Fallen CD



Recording of the sound installation with five sculptures falling, 50:59 minutes. NY, Raum für Kunst und Neue Musik, Berlin, Berlin, Germany, May 1998.

Rolf Langebartels was born 1941 in Mirow/Mecklenburg and lives in Berlin since 1961.

Movement and sounds characterize Langebartels sound sculptures as event sculptures. Each of his sculptures has its own particular time structure, its own particular rhythm. Following this rhythm the sculpture moves or sounds or emits light. Arranged together in a space they form an ensemble of events, that pulses in a complex rhythm with sequences and coincidences and pauses.

FALLEN consists of five kinetic sound sculptures which are assembled to form a sound installation, like an ensemble of musicians. The sculptures have build-in sensors / microphones and react to the sound of the others, the noises of the environment or sounds produced by the audience. The sculptures are constructed and designed in an identical fashion, but differ in regard to the sounds they produce, their time structure and sensitivity. FALLEN is characterized by variety in unity.

Rolf Langebartels founded the gallery Giannozzo in 1978. Gianozzo was the first sound-art gallery in Berlin and played a very important role in the early days of sound-art, presenting exhibitions, performances and editions by Rolf Julius, Christina Kubisch, Toine Horvers, Fritz Gilow, Raffael Rheinsberg, Takehisa Kosugi, Martin Riches, Akio Suzuki, Philip Corner, Alvin Curran, Felix Hess, and many more. In 1986 the gallery was transformed into the art association Kunstverein Giannozzo.


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