Roman Opalka – 1965/1-∞ (Spur der Zeit) LP



Roman Opalka (1931-2011) was probably the most insisting conceptual artist of the last century. In 1965, in his studio in Warsaw, Opałka began painting numbers from one to infinity. Starting in the top left-hand corner of the canvas and finishing in the bottom right-hand corner, the tiny numbers were painted in horizontal rows. Each new canvas, which the artist called a ‘detail’, took up counting where the last left off. In 1968 Opałka introduced to the process a tape recorder, speaking each number into the microphone as he painted it, and also began taking passport-style photographs of himself standing before the canvas after each day’s work.

This LP is a quite unusual & special recording for Roman Opalka. Unlike the two other LP editions (Edition Block 1977 and Ottenhausen Verlag 1980) this is not a straight document of his working / counting process but a multi-layered collage of his voice. Edition of 160 copies, with insert, published by Edition Bierammer, Vienna.