Toine Horvers – Copying as a Ritual Act Artist-Book + CD



Artist book, edition of 50 signed copies. handmade hardcover folder with handwritten title.

“This publication contains a collection of 600 sentences, or fragments of sentences, that I overheard from passers-by in the crowded centre of Dublin during my artists residency in the Red Stable Studios in the spring of 2011. On the street I immediately repeated what I heard – or thought I heard – into the microphone of a recorder. In doing so, I didn’t just concentrate on the words but also on the intonation and the dynamics of the fragment. In the studio, I listened to the fragments over and over again in an attempt to write down, in words, my imitations of the sounds and to provide them with an intonation line. By listening to the sounds and reading the notations I am able to vocally reproduce the fragments which I did for an audience at Pallas Projects, an artist run space in Dublin. Visitors were able to recognise dialogue in sounds that sometimes were for me completely abstract. I realised then that something similar happened to me when reading Joyce’s Finnegans Wake out loud: by pronouncing words that seemed meaningless in print, I often became aware of a name or a meaning.”

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