Bodin / Nilsson / Rabe / Hanson / Mellnäs – A Tribute to John Cage LP



Original copies of this 1983 release.
This is Fylkingen’s contribution to the celebration of John Cage?s 70th birthday. The album presents works – all commissioned by Fylkingen on this special occasion – by composers from the 1960’s generation and shows their relations to an important percursor.

Lars-Gunnar Bodin
“For Jon III“

(Tape music realised at EMS studio Stockholm)

Leo Nilsson
“Early Ear“

(Tape music realised at studio Viarp, Paårp-Stockholm)

Folke Rabe
“To the Barbender“

(Tape Music realised at the author’s studio, Stockholm)

Sten Hanson
“The Flight of the Bumble Bee“

(Tape Music realised at GMEB studio, Bourges, France)

Arne Mellnäs
“31 Variations on CAGE“

(Ensemble Music realized at Sveriges Radio)