The following items are records / editions i am looking for for my own collection.
Please check the mailorder catalogue for possible trade-items or get in touch with your wantlist.

Kristin Oppenheim – White Rabbit LP
Brötzmann / Bennink – Schwarzwaldfahrt LP
Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink LP (FMP 0130)
Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink – Balls LP (FMP 0020)
Manfred Schoof – The Early Quintet LP (FMP)
Mario De Vega – Botellas Arrojadas Contra Un Muro 7″ Flexi
The Golden Kot Quartett LP
Cildo Meireles – Sal Sem Carne LP
Cildo Meireles – Pesquisa De Àudio 7″
Opalka – 1965/1-∞, Passage Du Cinquième Million CD
Handorgelduett Strebel-Wanderon LP (Dieter Roth’s Verlag)
Dieter Roth – Thy Quatsch Est Min Castello 7″ (Dieter Roth’s Verlag)
Hermann Nitsch – Requiem für meine Frau Beate 3LP Box
Hermann Nitsch – 5. Sinfonie 2MC (Dieter Roth’s Verlag)
Current 93 – Christ And The Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow 2LP
S.B.O.T.H.I. – Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant LP (Selektion)
Luigi Nono – Un Volto, E Del Mare / Non Consumiamo Marx LP (Philips)
Gerhard Rühm / Lorenzo Ferrero / Gösta Neuwirth – 1976 LP
Vinko Globokar – Drama Und Correspondences LP
Yoko Ono – Approximately Infinite Universe 2LP
Dorothy Iannone – Danger in Düsseldorf Book
Lawrence Weiner – Need To Know MC (Moved Pictures Archive)
Lawrence Weiner – The Performance Tapes MC (Moved Pictures Archive)
Nam June Paik – My Jubilee Ist Unverhemmet LP
Alice Kemp – Doll MC
Alice Kemp – To All My Hideous Children MC Box
Laibach – Neu Konservatiw LP
Laibach – Krst Pod Triglavom – Baptism 2LP Box
The Haters – Tractor LP (Alamut)
The Haters – s/t (blank) 7″ (Jupitter-Larsen)
Ian Anüll – Gran Via LP (Ultimate)
Felix Hess – Sasayaki 4CD Box (Omega Point)
Oral Constitution – Høgdapreik CD Box
Charles Manson – LIE LP (Awareness)
Charles Manson – Poor Old Prisoner Boy LP (Remote Control)
Charles Manson – 12 Canciones Compuestas Y Cantadas LP (Movieplay)
Charles Manson – The Lost Vacaville Tape’s LP (special edition)
Robert Ashley – Perfect Lives (Private Parts): The Bar LP (Lovely)
Various – Life is a Killer LP (Giorno Poetry Systems)
Various – Big Ego LP (Giorno Poetry Systems)
Various – You’re The Guy I Want To Share My Money With 2LP (Giorno Poetry Systems)
Various – Biting Off The Tongue Of A Corpse LP (Giorno Poetry Systems)
Various – Just Another Asshole LP