Joseph Beuys / R. Buckminster Fuller (Audio Arts) MC



Audio Arts, UK 1975

Side A – R. Buckminster Fuller at Art Net November 1974
This thirty minute extract from a lecture lasting nearly two hours serves both as an introduction to some of the fundamental concepts behind Fuller’s arguments and a unique opportunity to witness the development of his ideas as he speaks.

Side B – Joseph Beuys at the ICA 1974
An exhibition called Art into Society, Society into Art took place as the main feature of German Month held at the I.C.A. during November 1974. Christos M. Joachimedes, a German Art critic suggested the original concept for the exhibition which presented aspects of German preoccupation with the relationships between art ideology and politics. Far from being a ‘passive’ retrospective exhibition of art works, the intention declared by the colloquium, set up by the co-organizers; Christos J. Joachimedes, Norman Rosenthal and the artists participating, was to be an ‘active’ event with th e artists, if possible, being present. Against this background Joseph Beuys attended and spent the time holding lecture/discussions mainly about his proposed “Free International School for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research”. From many hours of tape it was decided to focus on specific themes within the discussions and to present these as separate bands.

The cover seems to be a photocopy and the Audio Arts postal address is not covered with a sticker, so this could be either an early advance or promotional copy or a later left-over?


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