Alvin Lucier – Illuminated by the Moon 4LP+CD+Book Box (signed)



First edition on ZHdK Records, Switzerland
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies

This copy is signed by Alvin Lucier on the front

Box Set including 4LPs, 1 CD, and a high quality 120 page booklet. The LPs and the CD are housed in black cardboard sleeves, the LPs also in additional black poly-lined inner sleeves.

Track A1: I Am Sitting in a Room (1970) for voice and electromagnetic tape
Track B1: Music for Solo Performer (1965) for enormously amplified brain waves and percussion
Track C1: Charles Curtis (2002) for cello with slow sweep pure wave oscillators
Track D1: Double Rainbow (2016) for voice and slow sweep pure wave oscillator (world premiere)
Track D2: Nothing is Real (Strawberry Fields Forever) (1990) for piano, amplified teapot, tape recorder, and miniature sound system
Track E1: Braid (2012) for alto flute, clarient, English horn, and string quartet (European premiere)
Track F1: Two Circles (2012) for flute, B-flat clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
Track G1: Hanover (2015) for violin, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, three banjos (three e-guitars), piano, and bowed vibraphone (European premiere)
Track H1: Step, Slide and Sustain (2014) for horn in F, cello, and piano (world premiere)
Track CD-1: One Arm Bandits (2016) for four cellos