Anton Bruhin – Vogelsang Vogelsong Vogelsung Vogelsäng 4CD Box (First Edition)



On the occasion of Anton Bruhin exhibition at the Centro Culturale Svizzero in Milano, alga marghen present the 4CD silkscreened edition of the complete cycle titled “Vogelsang / Vogelsong / Vogelsung /Vögelsäng” from 1977.

If the idea of recording birds could have come from his friend Hans Krusi (this was a common practice for Art-Brut master Krusi who layered into primitive multi-track sonic sculptures the recordings of the many birds sharing his living space), Anton Bruhin is able to create with the same material a cacophonic and distorted storm of unrecognizable nature… and all this in one single low-fidelity touch.

Anton Bruhin in the 1960s began organizing happenings and performances, creating sound works, designing and typesetting his own books (which he self-published with Hannes R. Bossert through April-Verlag), drawing and writing poetry. Anton Bruhin was a member of the first class to study at the F+F School with Serge Stauffer, famous art teacher and specialist in Marcel Duchamp, where he came into contact with concrete poetry, Fluxus and experimental music. Dieter Roth and André Thomkins are recognizable influences too.

In the mid-1970s Anton Bruhin was surely at the peak of his tape manipulation works. Always using poor techniques and equipment he sculpted everyday-life sonic objects turning them into very accomplished and yet totally experimental music artifacts. The works presented here surely belong to this same period of expanded creativity combining themes of excess and chaos with a pragmatic interest in simple structural schemas.

To be consistent with the esthetic quality of these works alga marghen decided to present the 4CDs in 4 silkscreened jewel-boxes included in a numbered slipcase. Edition limited to 200 copies!


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