Asmus Tietchens / Frieder Butzmann – NNOI#2 LP



NNOI#… in this series, the recordings and documents of the actors of the NNOI Festival gather and reveal the primitive anatomy of the NNOI that sinks onto the frosted glass of nature, like the printing ink unconscious in the letters of the newspaper.

The design of the entire series is based on drawings by frank diersch – made for this project.

“This record unites two German greats of the electronic avant-garde of the last 40 years & brings together two worlds that exist like the sides of a coin facing away from each other & yet are firmly connected at the core.
NNOI#2 can be described as a kind of miraculous “Göffel” – a mixture of fork & spoon.

Asmus Tietchens, the glass fork, reduces his 9 compositions “Stenograms” to abstract structures that force a space that transforms its floating hardness and beauty into the clear outlines of a sculpture. The Tietchen-Monolith is being straightened out further.

Frieder Butzmann developed a SinusToneSuite for the NNOI. As a collector of strange objects and apparitions, Frieder went in search of sinustones that could be found between generators, vocal cords and wooden tubes. The SinusToneSuite is an opulent electronic composition, a dance with the golden spoon of unreason and love!”