Bruni BB (Björn Roth) – Tónverk Sem Flutt Var Á Konsert Í Nýlistasafni 17. Nóv. 1981 Og Fleira MC


Broken Heart Records, Iceland 1981

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Bruni BB was an Icelandic performance art group founded in the late 70s by Björn Roth and Finnbogi Pétursson, Hörður Bragason, Kristján Karlsson, Ómar Stefánsson. This cassette is their only release and features recordings from a performance concert at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik in 1981, plus two untitled pieces.

Privately produced cassette with fold-our artwork with liner-notes and photocollages and artworks.

text about Bruni BB (in Icelandic):

Bruni BB (1981-82)


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