Christian Marclay – Screenplay 2LP



EnsemBle baBel has been collaborating with Christian Marclay since 2012. On this double LP we can hear three compositions: Screen Play, Shuffle and Graffiti Composition. Screen Play is a moving image musical score in which found film footage is combined with computer animation to create a visual projection to be interpreted by live musicians. One of the ways that performing a visual score differs from performing tradition musical notation is that the musician cannot read ahead to anticipate what comes next. With Graffiti Compositions ensemble baBel interprets a graphical score. End of the last century Christian Marclay posted blank music sheets around the streets of Berlin. After they had been covered with graffiti 150 sheets had been assembled to form a graphical music score. Finally, with Shuffle Christian Marclay explores the presence of music as graphics in our daily lives – a musical score compromised of photographs printed onto a deck of cards.

300 copies 180g Vinyl double LP, cut by Flo Kaufmann, cover by Francis Baudevin and Nicolas Eigenheer.