Christoph Heeman – End of an Era LP



Edition of 300 copies.

“end of an era” was produced over a period of 23 years. It began with a few short recordings of lightly processed sine waves that came to me via Asmus Tietchens and Achim Wollscheid. The work on these resulted in a first version and release of “time is the simplest thing” (Three Poplars 2003) which I was never fully satisfied with, so I continued working on it further until a definitive version was completed in 2018.
I began work on “time and again … and again” in 2013 when experimenting with analog electronics. Again I made a first version that I was not entirely happy with and picked up again and completed it in 2022 with the help of Ronnie Oliveras who engineered parts of the remix. The titles for the pieces are related to American writer Clifford Simak whose novels and short stories have been a source of inspiration since adolescent days.”