Daniel Löwenbrück – Waiting Room, Bologna, 2014 CD (signed, special edition)



Artist edition of 37 signed copies (#1-37/93) includes original polaroid photo of a visitor to the “Waiting Room”. Some copies also include a handwritten note or a drawing left behind.

The first release on Edition Löwenwall / Psychic Expansion, a new adventure by Daniel Löwenbrück & Joachim Nordwall.

Edition of 93 numbered copies in fullcolour six-panel digipak.

In 2014 Xing (Bologna, Italy) commissioned Daniel Löwenbrück to create the „Waiting Room“ performance / installation for the Gianni Peng Live Arts Week III at the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna. For this a black box was built inside the museum in which DL would sit at a table and receive audience members one-by-one, without any purpose or script. Just two people, a bottle of vodca, awkwardness, and a polaroid photo taken as proof of the encounter,

“Waiting Room is a performative installation and a setting/environment to spend time witout ANY reference: the human situation of being exposed to the other. A black room inside a white room. An existentialist box that can host only two people facing each other. Distinct noises, introspective silence, body sounds, vocka, nothing, duration, weakness and embarrassment. Materialistic transcen-dance.“ – http://www.xing.it/opera/768/waiting_room

This CD documents the last 70 minutes of the first day of the festival. Recorded about 5 hours after the opening and after Löwenbrück having shared 3 bottles of vodca with two dozen visitors.