Daniel Richter – Das Reich der Freiheit ist die Kunst CD



CD in A5 Digipak.

Original recordings by the german painter and visual artist (b.1962), 44 minutes, german language. “There will never be another painter who will outdo the spectacle provided by the large installation builders, the jewel polishers, the video installation people.? Despite, or even because of such insights, Daniel Richter decides on painting. the stage design for the lulu production at the 2010 Salzburg Festival 2010 is by Daniel Richter. With the help of red wine and cigarettes, Brigade Commerz interviewed the artist on a wide variety of subjects after a strenuous day in the theatre, ranging from the paranoia of his earlier pictures to his fondness for cartoons and for contemporary mass culture. Seldom has richter been seen more concentrated, brilliant and relaxed.”