Dave Phillips – The Hermeneutics of Fear of God LP



Tochnit Aleph (TA045)

Edition of 400 (i think) with inlay, some included also a patch.
33 tracks, unrelenting & furious. Mastered & cut by Rashad at D+M.

assembled 2001 – 2002 by dave phillips. all source material by fear of god, who at the time were: reto kühne – guitar, osi oswald – drums, erich keller – voice, dave phillips – bass, who formed in central switzerland in 1987, rehearsed in an abandoned barn, played a few gigs, released tapes, a 7″ and an LP and split up in 1988.

some words by Erich (Fear of God vocalist):
“DAVE PHILLIPS, after the initial split up of our band FEAR OF GOD in 1988, had found his own way of dealing with the inevitable void such a break up leaves behind, yet following the path we had set foot on. Whereas I pretty much kept stranded on the HC and political nonesense thing for many years to follow, he got himself involved with the electronic avantgarde. He has since produced a vast amount of releases, collaborating with the who’s-who of avantgarde noise, performing worldwidly and constantly. It wasn’t until two months ago that I saw him doing his stuff live in concert for the first time and I was very much surprised about the enjoyment I felt. During his short set, I just sat on a couch, watched him and concentrated to the fullest on the performance. It was one of the rare occassions in which I would allow myself to be carried away by what I perceived. It was a set of mostly quieter parts with a lot of tension towards the end, when it all errupted into ear shattering layers of noise.

And noise is the keyword here. During 2002 and 2003, Dave put a lot of time and passion into re-editing old FEAR OF GOD source material. Or has he calls it: Dissecting it. What he did was cut the stuff up and into pieces and reassemble it, following the focus of FEAR OF GOD that was: To disturb instead of to entertain. So what Dave achieved is, at least to me, the endpoint of such an endeavour. “The Hermeneutics of Fear Of God” was what immediately seemed like the appropriate title to me, when I first heard the advance tape of this soon to come 12″ – I was heavily reading Derrida and Gadamer at the time.
Earlier this very year, a friend of mine from Germany, a philosopher and educationalist, paid me a visit during which he wanted me to play FEAR OF GOD to him finally. I did so by choosing the remastered debut EP on Mini-CD and this. After 10 minutes, he asked me to stop this 12″. He looked at me, saying he doesn’t want me to be mad at him, but he felt this music would alienate me from him or vice versa maybe. “It’s inhumane”, he said.“

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