Euphrat & Tigris (Albert Oehlen) – Is the Heat on? – Yes! MC



Albert Oehlen and Hans Platzgumer, Schorsch Kamerun, Rocko Schamoni.

Edition of 100 copies

“The second ALARM tape contains a sensational archival recording from the late 90s – almost sixty minutes of finest material by Euphrat und Tigris, the fabulous yet fairly unknown combo by Hans Platzgumer, Schorsch Kamerun, Rocko Schamoni and Wendy Gondeln. “is the heat on? – yes!” is a wild amalgam of irregular drum patterns, synth noodling, layers of electronics, dubby keyboards and transgressive vocals. psychedelektronika, harshdub, progstep – that could come close. a groovy, all-electronic conversion of sun ra’s “strange strings”, not only for fans of titankatzen. cover art by albert oehlen”