Fear of God – As Statues Fell Pic-LP



F.O.A.D. Records, Italy, 2013.

Picture LP in gatefold-cover.
Edition of 200 copies

“Picture Disc version limited to 200 copies housed in a thick, glossy gatefold sleeve. “As statues fell”, originally released by Erich Keller’s cult label Off The Disk in 1988 is an uncompromised manifesto of merciless ear blasting Noise/Grind in its most savage and annihilating form. Remastered from original mastertapes, spiced up with 9 additional tracks, it now sounds better than ever before. The clean A-side recording is a tour de force with non-stop over the top brutality and highest speed-drumming – no triggers, no overdubs, just extremely brutal power. This was clearly the band’s climax as a live band. The B-side represents the impact on the audience: dirty, raw, violent – like a bunch of rabid dogs jumping off the stage to rip the audience apart. If their debut 21 track Ep (1988) tore you a new asshole, this version of “As statues fell” will leave you floored with its antitank gun gracefulness!”