Foamola – Songs MC



Foamola is an underground musical group from New York City, consisting of Sparrow and his wife, who went by the cyber alias Violet Snow. Also in the group is artist Lawrence Fishberg and Sparrow’s daughter, poet Sylvia Gorelick. Their music has been described as “folk-minimalist”, and as “anti-Plutarch pop”

Sparrow (born as Michael Gorelick in 1953) is an American poet, activist, and musician.

“Foamola is the only anti-rock band named after an herbal arthritis remedy. All our music is original, with tunes by Lawrence Fishberg (keyboard, vocals) and lyrics by Sparrow (ocarina, items found in the trash, vocals), with occasional words from Violet Snow (flute, vocals). Sylvia Mae Gorelick (xylophone, vocals), now 22, has been a band member since her months in the womb. Guest artists often join us onstage.”