Frank Reynolds – 666: The Hymn to Lucifer Book



Numbered Edition of 30 copies. Folder with 12 colour prints and postcard.
First published by The Diggers / Communication Company, San Francisco, 1968

“Frank Reynolds was secretary of the San Francisco chapter of the Hell’s Angels through most of the 1960s. Beat poet Michael McClure collaborated with Reynolds during poetry readings and published his interview of him as “Freewheelin Frank, Secretary of the Angels” in 1967. Reynolds’ LSD and amphetamine fuelled Hymn to Lucifer was published the following year by the anarchist Diggers collective, who distributed the twelve spaced-out satanic pamphlets for free in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1968.

These pamphlets have now been reprinted facsimile by Counter Culture Chronicles in a hand numbered and laser printed edition of 30 copies.

Freewheelin Frank Reynolds was introduced to Zen by Michael McClure when he did time at Soledad prison for arson and led a reclusive life in a cabin in northern California until his death in 2003 which, according to McClure, he faced “in clearness of mind, Zen expectancy of death and manly resolution”.