Fysisk Fostran – Räkenskapens Dag LP



Fördämning Arkiv, 2023

“A small chunk of early 80’s Swedish DIY underground history from the legendary but rarely heard Fysisk Fostran. Based in the small town of Stenungsund north of Gothenburg and roughly active between 1980 and 1984, the group released a few cassettes as well as a fabled 7″ that due to mysterious complications only exist as a testpressing in 4 copies. Fysisk Fostran were inspired by the early UK industrial sound as well as post-punk and synth music, this combined with the young age of the bandmembers and general small town boredom resulted in a rather unhinged and wild sound. While comparisons at times could be made with other early Swedish industrial/cassette culture freaks like Enhänta Bödlar, Engürdetz or En Halvkokt I Folie, one could argue that Fysisk Fostran stood out thanks to their obstinate will to rock out in the midst of all the rudimentary, electronic experimentations. The crude fidelity of their recordings only adds to the utterly bizarre atmosphere.

The LP compiles the tracks from the 7″ (though a different version of ‘3000 år” is used here) as well as choice cuts from the cassette releases, stuff so scarce that it barely existed even back then. Original sources transfered and mastered for vinyl by Linus at Elementstudion in Gothenburg during 2023. The LP comes with an insert featuring liner notes by Marko Gillingsmark of Levande Begravd. Cover jackets stamped with the same stamp used for the 7″ sleeve back in 1984. Edition of 500 copies.”