Gerhard Rühm – Damentennis LP Multiple (signed)



Edition of 20 copies, signed and numbered by Rühm.

Clear one-sided Vinyl, housed in LP cover featuring the collage / visual poem „Damentennis (Bildgedicht in 2 Sätzen)“ and two 12“ sized sheets with liner-notes by Rühm in german and english.

“the audio play “women’s tennis” largely consists of original sound recordings. there is thus neither a detailed manuscript nor a realisation score. before production, its final shape was only given in a rough outline. the basis of the audio play is a recording, shortened to about a quarter hour, of the 1994 wimbledon final between martina navratilova and conchita martinez, which is regarded as a landmark game in the history of tennis. (…)

while the vocalizations of the players take on a virtually intimate character in the course of the thrilling events, almost making the comments of the sportscaster and especially the spontaneous reactions of the spectators seem voyeuristic, the accentuating rhythm of the exchange of blows definitely attains musical qualities. (…)


> Gerhard Rühm