Herman de Vries – Ali Baba visits Marrakech Book+CD Art-Multiple (signed)



The sound of Marakech. Artist-Book in a limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies each with an original collage by Herman de Vries. Comes in custom-made package with embossed cover.

“Herman de Vries, born 1931 in Alkmaar, is a Dutch visual artist who has been living in Eschenau in the Steigerwald region (Franconia, Germany) since 1970. Having started out as an Art Informel painter in the 1950s, his interests shifted in the ensuing years, and in the 1970s, he became focused on found objects from nature and their artistic-philosophical qualities and implications. He has made paintings, collages, texts, sculptures, installations, a.o., and has dealt with plants, earth, and other parts of nature from botanical, medical, historical, as well as psychedelic viewpoints.”