Hermann Bohlen – Das Luxurieren der Bastarde LP



“The radio piece or Hörspiel “SAG DOCH AUCH MAL WAS. oder DAS LUXURIEREN DER BASTARDE” consists of private tape recordings of the sixties and early seventies only. At that time, the old fashioned recorders with big reels were widely spread among families. They served the same purpose as video does today: to document the development of the kids, dogs and grandparents. Some people also used it as diary or to record anything occurring in radio that they thought to be important (besides the top-ten). “Sag doch auch mal was!”, english for “Say something!” was one of the most common phrases to be found on the recordings.

In thrift-stores and flea-markets Bohlen collected more than 30 hours of material, additional to some twenty hours from his own and friends families.In collage-technic this dirty stuff, the different voices from all over the country, east and west, were arranged to form a big family, portraying a time that for gods sake is over.”

Very highly recommended.