Hermann Nitsch – Akustisches Abreaktionsspiel LP



Reissue of Nitsch’s very first release, originally published 48 years ago by Edition Galerie Klewan in a limited edition of 100 copies.

Produced and recorded at the WDR Radio in Cologne, Germany, the Akustisches Abreaktionsspiel (Aktion 38b) is “neither a radioplay nor a work of music. it merely portrays the acoustic part of an „Abreaktionsspiel“ (a play of abreaction). The special and specific usage of the acoustic possibilities are in the foreground, while the visual part of the play is communicated by a narrator“. A prime example of the intense & noisy wildness of Nitsch’s early actions, employing scream-choirs, beating, whistles, chaotic austrian folklore juxtapositions, a pretty rough brass section and dissonant strings.

Edition of 400 copies including two A4 prints with fhe first page each of the musical and the theatrical score.

Special signed edition available here:

Hermann Nitsch – Akustisches Abreaktionsspiel LP (special edition)


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