Jean Cocteau, Eric Satie & Les Six (1917-1959) CD



The celebrated L’Album des Six of 1920 is now recognised as a landmark in 20th Century modern music.

This 74 minute anthology also includes music composed by Satie and Les Six for spectacles staged by Cocteau between 1917 and 1920, including Parade and Cocardes, as well as Arthur Honegger’s futuristic Pacific 231, and music by Georges Auric for five Cocteau films made between 1930 and 1959: Le Sang d’un Poete, La Belle et la Bete, L’Aigle a Deux Tetes, Orphee, Le Testament D’Orphee.

All selections have been digitally remastered. The deluxe booklet features many rare images, as well as detailed historical notes by James Hayward.