Jeff Hassay – Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds LP Multiple Object



Amazingly nice handmade Art-Record multiple / object in custom packaging, edition of 100 numbered copies, with poster.

“Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds is a hand-made record containing soil from the house where Brian Wilson grew up in Hawthorne, California. The house no longer exists. There is a modest statue commemorating the location in a small, slightly derelict neighborhood. Dogs, cats, birds, cars, planes, a helicopter and various gardeners’ power tools all lend their sonic presence along with the wind and Jeff’s occasionally audible breath as he wanders the neighborhood. The audio is an 18 minute field recording of the location on an afternoon in 2016, almost exactly 50 years after the album Pet Sounds was released.

The records were made by pouring clear resin and dirt into silicone molds. Produced over a six month period by Jeff Hassay and LeRoy Stevens, each record is unique and weighs between 400 and 600 grams.