Jenseits der Trampelpfade – Heft 14 Book + DVD



Fachblatt für Fotografie, Film und andere Kunst curated and edited by Annette Frick & Wilhelm Hein. Februar 2014, 325 pages plus DVD.

Robust periodical in which Wilhelm and Annette are joined by some of the friends who made an appearance in the previous issue of “Trampelpfade”: John Heys, Nick Zedd, Shirin Barthel and Florian Cramer. Nick Zedd presents his extremist manifesto and writes about what it means to be an artist. Florian Cramer talks disparagingly about the threadbare moniker “Creative industries”. To start out with, there’s filmtalk discussing “Light Flight”, Annette’s film which premiered during the 2012 Berlinale. Included is some poetry, an In Memoriam for Taylor Mead and an intellectual exercise entitled STUDIES IN QUEER ANIMAL FILM PRAxxIS (“Nicht-oedipale Tiere, Deterritorialisierungskarussell und armes Kino”).

Besides (revealing) photographs and collages, Annette and Wilhelm have complied another DVD with lots of goodies, both old and recent (Jack Smith “Lost Film”, early sixties; BERLIN OFF ON WALL, 1978, Wieland Speck; Sex Pistols & Berlin Wall, 1978, Babeth Mondini van Loo; A.I.D.S.C.R.E.A.M.-Ecce homo, 1989, Jerry Tartaglia, to name but a few).

“Wilhelm Hein (*1940) was one of the key figures that created the grounds and concepts of avant-garde film in the 1960s. Artists of the film avant-garde in the 1920s pursued the question of the independence of colour and shape, applying an analysis of painting and static image, to the moving image. In this sense, their endeavors were as if kinetic painting. What Wilhelm Hein and his generation achieved was to distinguish the medium of film by defining its specific properties: the materiality of the film, the quality of the projector and the screen, the nature of the celluloid and the lightbeam of the projection. At their time no one of the art world was interested in this sort of enterprise. A couple of decades later, an entire group of artists lives on the legacy of Hein and his allies. A third generation of “copycats” receive merits and attention of the art world and its institutions today. Therefore: Tribute to the True Champion Wilhelm Hein.“ – Peter Weibel

Annette Frick (*1957) is an artist and photographer living in Berlin. Together with avant-garde filmmaker Wilhelm Hein she founded the artistic space CasaBaubou in her studio in Wedding.