Julia Calfee – Messages From Another World LP + Book Box



Hardcover slipcase (31 x 31 cm), 116 page book (english), Vinyl LP, and exclusive online preview of Julia Calfee’s feature film “A Last Migration“

“Messages consists of three simultaneous presentations: visual with forty-four black and white photographs; emotional through nine written messages which are philosophical and poetical interpretations of human condition in different parts of the world; as well as audio in the form of a 12 inch vinyl record which consists of twenty different recordings from six different countries over a 18 year time span. Always looking for ways to portray this project with as many dimensions as possible and with as much poetic wonderment as I myself felt, I included a short film titled Finding Messages. It shows the atmosphere in which I worked from the original footage, done in different times and different places. A 15 minute preview of a full length feature film titled “A Last Migration” is the ultimate Message in this project.

The vinyl record is a symphony composed, sequenced and edited by the artist, recorded in different places around the world, 1999 to 2016, and is presented in a special slipcase with the “Messages” book as part of the same project.

Includes an exclusive access code to an ultimate Message: a 15 minute online preview of Julia Calfee’s feature film A Last Migration.

“We receive Messages in different ways. They are simply signs that are found in everyday life, often ignored but always present; in dreams, in nature, or in different belief systems. Some of these Messages are found in faraway places, others are within our lives. I did not go out of my way to find these Messages, they were there waiting for me and are as present today as when I found them.” (from the book Messages, page 3)

“This book, this vinyl record, this film is finished but searching and finding Messages is a life long project for me.”