Jun Konagaya – Magnetic Tape 88-90 MC



Edition of 80 copies

“Immerse yourself in the sonic legacy of Jun Konagaya with the limited edition cassette release titled Magnetic Tape 88-90. Limited to a mere 80 copies, this cassette features the captivating seven previously unreleased tracks drawn from Konagaya’s recordings between 1988 and 1990, including the extended 20-minute version of the original Schlafen track from the Organ album, providing a unique sonic experience. This musical odyssey incorporates: Roland Juno 106, Korg M1, Kawai Sforzando Organ, and Tascam Porta One. As an extra treat, this release includes a digital download of the entire Organ album and the bonus cassette Magnetic Tape 88-90, ensuring that Konagaya’s mesmerizing sounds are easily accessible for your listening pleasure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exclusive collector’s item, offering a rare glimpse into the artistic evolution of Jun Konagaya during a pivotal period in his career.”


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