Justin Bennett – Shotgun Architecture 10“



Limited Edition 10″ in special transparent silk paper foldout-sleeve and obi.

“By working with a starting pistol and recording equipment in specific spaces, Justin is able to draw different maps. Next to these drawings, that purely place the shot in its context as a fact, Justin also presents the sound of the shot in a way that the bang indeed leads to quietude. By presenting the shots in a regular rhythm, they sound very minimalistic in one’s ears. The sound also takes you to an imaginary space, because the listener realizes that the space for example is wider, higher or more or less constructed as a result of the audible resonance and the different sounds of each bang. The sound becomes an object of quiet attention and can then be approached with some distance. In three spaces of the building in Hamburg Justin will create a sound and light installation, based on his approach to a gunshot. The audience will be taken along in an experience that in the beginning could frighten, but eventually will charm and quieten the mind.

With this piece of work the current culture of fear will be brought back to its actual dimensions. Our abdomen will be parried in favour of our mental reach. Sound and vision transpose a physical space and illustrate an imaginary space.“

– Freek Lomme