Kazuki Saita, Hiroko Mugibayashi, Soichiro Mihara – Moids LP



Limited Edition published by Basic Funtion, Japan. LP in heavy fullcolour sleeve with detailled data-sheet liner-notes

“Sound recordings from the moids project, a sound installation by Kazuki Saita, Hiroko Mugibayashi, and Soichiro Mihara. Including three versions of the sound installation, each having one input (one microphone) and one sound output mechanism. They have been presented in a sculptural format, with a group of devices that respond to each other’s sounds, like cicadas or frogs. The first version sounds like minimal music with electronic sounds that have no rhythm, the second version has a sound image of stimulated insects lurking in the bushes, returning mechanical noises, and the third version produces pulse sounds that evokes the firing of cranial nerves. Includes a detailed data sheet with commentary by composer Masahiro Miwa, who knew about the project before it was born.”