Klaus Weber – Public Fountain LSD Hall LP



The sound on this record is that of the “LSD Fountain.” It was designed as a music machine. The three-tiered fountain is made from heavy Victorian crystal. The liquid in the fountain is potentized LSD. When it flows over the crystal and hits its surface by tripping and dropping on the edge, a high bell-like melody can be heard. It is never repetitive and never sounds the same. Some people say it sounds like a flock of goats at a mountain spring. The record starts with the switching on of the pump, then the first dish is filled and overflows into the second then fills the third and biggest bowl and finally spills into the concrete base, to simulate the sound of rain on the street after the pump is switched off again. The crystal originates from the British company Osler which manufactured a famous crystal fountain exhibited in the Crystal Palace for the 1851 World’s Fair in Hyde Park, London. The “LSD Fountain” was reassembled and manufactured 2003 as the centrepiece for a future public building, the “Public Fountain LSD Hall.”