Lars Lundehave Hansen – 20 Years of Sound Art 2LP + Book Box



20 Years of Sound Art is a new release that covers the past 20 years of Lars Lundehave Hansen’s work as a sound artist. 48p book with 180 gr double vinyl in exclusive handbound foil stamped linen wrapped box.

Lundehave Hansen has distinguished himself as one of Denmark’s visionary sound artists and has explored sound in works that have used techniques such as concrete visualization of sound or the use of errors and short circuits as sound material.

The physical and technical experiments are central, i.a. in the concrete visualizations of sound, which point back to some of the pioneers of sound art in their ambition to unite the sculptural with the instrumental.

The box contains sound examples on vinyl, photo documentation of installations and commissions supplemented with texts by noteworthy researchers within the field: Sanne Krogh Groth (Associate Professor, Lund, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art 2020), Ulrik Schmidt (Associate Professor, RUC, A Philosophy of Ambient Sound: Materiality, Technology, Art and the Sonic Environment 2021) and is edited by Rasmus Holmboe (Postdoc, KU, The resonant Museum: Sound, art and the politics of curating 2019). The book is beautifully designed by Kasper Vang (Gyldendal, Gutkind, Weekendavisen) and is published by Tonometer with generous support from the New Carlsberg Foundation, Danish Arts Foundation and Sonning Foundation.

20 Years of Sound Art thus becomes an excerpt of a long artistic journey and forms, as such, a physical shape of his reflections and thoughts along the way. It is interesting to experience how sound created as works of art shifts position and becomes works of art that are experienced as sound.

It is a selection of some of these audio files that is now being made more widely available as a retrospective work that puts his practice and development in chronological order. A catalog of works that, despite being created over a period of 20 years, in a myriad of unrelated contexts, nevertheless demonstrates a consistent expression and a rare high quality from a characteristic persona in Danish sound.