Leif Elggren – The New Immortality 7“+Book



“The New Immortality was cut with a drypoint needle and a record player. I was shouting out loud, again and again, the words: I´m talking about if I only could talk! The needle, resting on the wax in my gentle hand, was hopefully registered something of the vibrations of my voice.” The New Immortality was the title of an exhibition at Galleri Arton A in Stockholm, November 1990 by L.E. The New Immortality is originally the title of a book by J.W. Dunne, London 1939.

Published on occasion of the exhibition “The New Mortality“ at the Galleri Arton A in Stockholm, November 1990

7“ in illustrated sleeve, plus 24-page 7“-sized catalogue.


> Leif Elggren