Lene Adler Petersen – Se mor (Nansensgade 1971) 10“



This release presents the only two known sound works by Danish artist Lene Adler Petersen (b.1944).

The two works are primarily carried by the words and voice of Adler Petersen and deal with how everyday actions and ways of organizing life and work holds a social and political potential. “Our actions must explain our language” as one spoken text concludes. Neither of the works have been released before.

Lene Adler Petersen was a central figure in the scene around Eks-Skolen (an artist-run alternative art school started in the 1960’s by Bjørn Nørgaard, Per Kirkeby, Poul Gernes among others), and she has been a significant influence, despite a relatively quiet artistic career. Today she is regarded as one of the most important voices, who came out of the experimental art scene in the 1960’s, and she is behind some of the most iconic performance works of the time. In 1970 she was among the leaders in an action occupying and inhabiting the island Livø, in order to pursue an alternative, meaningful way of working and living. Later she was involved in founding and operating Eks-Skolens Trykkeri [Eks-Skolen’s Printing House] based on the same ideas – the printing house is still running, still owned by the workers, and the leporello-folded booklet accompanying the release has been produced there. Lene Adler Petersen has significantly influenced a generation of younger Danish artists by making way for later conceptual and feminist art in Scandinavia. Her interests in creativity, the role of subjectivity and personal history form a unique artistic position that challenges conventional paradigms of gender, female representation and artistic production.