Lorenzo Pompa & Marc Sabat – Epistolae Cucumeris CD (signed)



“Epistolae Cucumeris” is an Artist Edition of 300 hand signed and numbered copies. The work consists of a leporello book with an exchange of letters between the two artists, Lorenzo Pompa and Marc Sabat, and a CD with a 38′ audio composition “Cucumber Spiral Serenade”.
The music was created in response and parallel to Pompa’s sculpture “Set Candid” (a cucumber placed vertically in salt enclosed in a glass vitrine). The music is made from two mono recordings: on the left channel a choir of violins and electronics plays a sequence of natural harmonics and on the right channel a solo violin plays a gradually rising melodic line microtonally tuned to the harmonics. In a gallery setting, the solo violin is projected over a highly-directional “audio spotlight” ultrasound speaker. When the works are installed together, along with the edition, they form the scenery “Epistolae Cucumeris”.