Marcel Duchamp – The Creative Act CD



1. The Creative Act (1957) (7:25)
Read by Marcel Duchamp. A paper presented to the convention of the American Federation of Arts at Houston, Texas, April 1957

2. Some Texts From À L’Infinitif (1912-20) (4:04)
Read by Marcel Duchamp in New York 1967. Lecture in New York, shortly before his death

3. Musical Erratum – La Mariée Mise À Nu Par Ses Célibataires, Même (Score Drawn At Random) (1:40)
Long before John Cage, the first aleatory composition and the only piece which is never twice the same. Harmonium [Pedal] : Jean-Luc Fafchamps.

4. An Interview with Marcel Duchamp by George Heard Hamilton (1959) (11:06)
Recorded in New York, 1959

5. An Interview with Marcel Duchamp by Richard Hamilton (1959) (21:20)
Recorder in London, 1959

6. Musical Erratum – A Score For Three Voices (From The Green Box) (1:39)
The only score
Lucy Grauman : Vocals [Magdeleine] –
Jean-Luc Pluvier : Vocals [Marcel
Marianne Pousseur : Vocals [Yvonne]