Masonna – Vestal Spacy Ritual LP



Vestal Spacy Ritual, initially released on CD by the Japanese label Alchemy Records in 1999, is a testament to Masonna‘s ability to create an overwhelming and mind-altering listening experience. Vestal Spacy Ritual starts with a cacophonous explosion of distorted noise and frenzied electronic manipulation. From the very start, Masonna immerses the listener in a relentless sonic assault, utilizing piercing high frequencies, distorted vocals, and a barrage of abrasive textures. The second track (all album’s tracks are untitled) sets the stage for the tumultuous journey ahead plunges the listener into a maelstrom of sound, with waves of screeching feedback and distorted pulsations. Masonna‘s mastery lies in his ability to create a sense of disorientation and unease, as if the listener is navigating through a swirling vortex of chaos. The following handful of tracks that round out the first side of the vinyl reissue are a relentless onslaught of noise, pushing the boundaries of sonic intensity with a really psychedelic touch.

Its original captivating, amazing and psychedelic artwork by Japanese designer and artist Masahiko Ohno, is faithfully reproduced in LP format, in a limited edition of 199 copies, with a twelve-inch insert format plus psyco-postcard using the same original CD art, and beautifully follows the sound material of the vinyl grooves in a journey into the depths of chaotic and magnitude interstellar space.


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