Maurice Lemaitre – Nos Stars / Le Petit Dieu DVD



Maurice Lemaitre, mostly known for his sound poetry and lettrist works, is amongst one of the most important and creative artists of the second half of the 20th century. His cinematic work has led to a fundamental questioning of the relationship between film and spectator, image and sound, art and criticism, cinema and other types of image. His art is characterized by its inventiveness, it?s joy of creating, and a radical and loud critique allowing for Lettrism to flourish as an avant-garde movement. This DVD features his films ‘OUR STARS’ (A chronicle of the fantasies and dream of women in avant-garde contemporary cinema The faces and bodies of new women haunt the paths and alleyways of avant-garde cinema) and ‘THE LITTLE GOD’ (An invitation to travel, one of the main themes of Lema?tre, and a genuine manifestation of film Lettrism). 60 minutes, Region free PAL/NTSC, french or english language, including bonus film, interviews, etc