Max E. Keller / Martin Schwarzenlander LP



Original copies of this very good and rare classic LP released by Sozialistische Musiker Initiative in 1977 (and bootlegged by Creel Pone in 2006). A rare example of explicit socialistic anti-bourgeois electroacoustic music.

Including the pieces ‘Sicher sein…’ by Max E. Keller (recorded 1976 at the author’s studio and in the studio of the Musik-Akademie Basel, Switzerland) and ‘Erst wollt ihr den Petersbrunnhof, dann Hellbrunn, und schliesslich gar Schloss Mirabell’ and ‘Unter dem Pflasterstein (noch immer) liegt der Strand’ by Martin Schwarzenlander (recorded 1976 and 1977 at the Institut für Psychoakustik und Elektronische Musik in Gent, Belgium).

Comes with booklet in german and english. Highly recommended!