Max E. Keller – Vier Politische Kompositionen für Tonband (1976-1979) CD



Four political compositions for tape 1976-1979 by Swiss composer Max E. Keller (b.1947). A rare case of left-wing / socialist electroacoustic music. The CD includes Keller’s piece from the long out-of-print and sort of legendary Split-LP with Martin Schwarzenlander from 1977 plus 3 previously unreleased tape compositions.
Comes with 20 page illustrated booklet with liner-notes in German and English

SICHER SEIN (1976) – for voice and tape, 24’06 min
GRUNDGESETZE (1977) – for four voices and tape, 13’32 min
SIE (1978) – for voice and tape, 15’08 min
HYMNEN (1979) – for two voices and tape, 14’26 min)